Vertical Structure

for flute (with B-foot) and electronic extension in real time (2017/2021)

(first version 2016/2017, revised version 2019-2021)

fr. Structure verticale pour flûte (avec patte de si) et extension éléctronique en temps réel
de. Vertikale Struktur für Flöte (mit H-Fuß) und elektronische Erweiterung in Echtzeit

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Presentation at IRCAM Forum Workshops 2021

Les Ateliers du Forum IRCAM 2021 (IRCAM Forum Workshops 2021) took place in march 2021, online only because of the pandemic situation, broadcasted and moderated from Paris. All conferences and presentations (pre-recorded video) were held in English. View my presentation (20 minutes) here:

Members of the IRCAM Forum will find the presentation also in the Composition section. A handout version of the slides can be downloaded here below.

Kai Yves Linden: Anatomical insights into Structure verticale

Sound examples in the presentation

The flute part of all audio excerpts is rendered from sampled sound. Besides that, the stereo image of these excerpts is not optimal, it's the result of a simple combination of the artificial flute part and the four tracks of the four-channel version. A real performance would need a living musician who embodies the leading part of this music with physical coherence and subtle details. It would also gain from the integration of a real room. The excerpts are snapshots of a test model, meant to give a rough idea of how this music sounds like.

Additional sound examples

"Moto pendolare in canone" (Pendulum motion in canon)

Short passages of phenotype "Partiels" (Partials)